Why You Should Use Free Fundraising Software for Your Nonprofit

Why You Should Use Free Fundraising Software for Your Nonprofit

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Nonprofit organizations are a labor love. On one hand, nonprofits are gratifying in that they often provide priceless assistance, benefits, or maintenance. On the other, however, myriad time usually needs to be devoted to aspects such as fundraising and membership growth in order for the nonprofit to be considered a success. Organizations such as this need to be sure to recognize the superiority of some aids over others in order to “work smarter, not harder,” as the saying goes.

It comes as no surprise that reducing spending costs of the company are a key component to success. However, it is also imperative that programs used within the organization be first-rate. There is no need to spend a small fortune- or even anything- on fundraising software that is competitive with any brand on the market. Free fundraising software for nonprofits is the answer.

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Organizations need to expand their reach in order to bring in the most members and donors. The fundamental objective of this software is to do just that. Through various methodology, free fundraising software for nonprofits reaches out to numerous potential clientele, making gaining funds more painless.

Another benefit of fundraising software is consistency. Take, for example, the following situation:  Employee A, Charles, went about recording and tabulating his fundraising data via spreadsheet, whereas Employee B, Susan, did so using a graphing template downloaded from the internet. Both accounts are accurate, both pleasing to the eye, and both organized, but Charles’s and Susan’s information was not recorded using the same system, and, therefore, needs to be analyzed and compared with effort. Using a consistent software program will allow data to be analyzed with ease.

Using free fundraising software for nonprofits means that workload is significantly diminished, leaving precious time for creating fundraising events, executing projects, and the like. The ease at which one can send out mailings and make newsletters, not to mention tracking all of this information, is paramount to the success of a not-for-profit organization. 

The software is easy to use. Any members of the team can have access, as the training to utilize fundraising software is minimal; it’s created to be user-friendly. It is also easy for members who would like to donate gifts or pledges to the cause to do so with multiple possible payment methods available. Additionally, widely-used, familiar tools are integrated into the software.

In conclusion, free fundraising software for nonprofits is one of the greatest resources for an organization to employ. They are cost-effective (hence, “free”), help extend the presence of the nonprofit, allow for consistency among the organization, and create an easy, less-hassle environment for employees, members, donors, volunteers: everyone involved!

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