Why Voice-Search is the Next Big Thing in SEO

Why Voice-Search is the Next Big Thing in SEO

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Voice Search is a Google product available on Google Play. Also known as Search by Voice, it is a voice activated search-engine app. Users speak into the device and the device searches for data.

Programmed to respond to English, particularly American English. In 2014, Google added a new feature to Voice Search, allowing users to choose up to five languages. The app can now easily understand spoken language.

Albuquerque SEO Companies predict a rise in the amount of voice-searches in 2018. Making it important for companies to create content that is compatible for voice-search.

Why is Voice-Search So Popular?

More than 40 percent of Google users now opt for voice-operated web searches. This rate rises to 50% in teenagers. Google also found that more than 20% of search queries on mobile devices occur via voice input.

These numbers will rise as Google’s assistant-enabled devices continue growing in popularity.

Home-assistance devices like Alexa, Echo and Google Home are being extensively marketed. Which should lead to an exponential rise in voice-search.

In October 2017 Google released the Pixel 2, extending a line of home speakers driven by Google Assistant. These devices add to the spur in momentum and adoption of voice-activated hardware.

Google Assistant Apps are also now compatible with all Android devices. Making the scope of voice-search much wider.

Albuquerque SEO companies predict that voice-search will soon become the most common way to search. More and more consumers prefer the convenience of speaking over typing. Voice-search is faster and is also more detailed. Users are also more comfortable in trusting the device to understand normal speech. As the accuracy of voice assistants continues to improve, we will see more and more people using voice-search for search queries. Voice search allows users to ask questions in a more conversational and verbose way, making searches more convenient.

How will Voice Change ‘Searching’?

The rise of voice-search will change how we create content. With a decreasing amount of content created around a specific keyword. Albuquerque SEO experts suggest creating content with searcher intent in mind. Voice searches tend to be more verbose. The increased detail requires that companies go beyond the simple keyword and phrases. Instead, focusing more on terms and phrases people use naturally. Think about how a searcher would utter search terms out loud. Focus more on conversational terms and sentences when creating SEO content for websites.

Users are asking more “how-to” questions. This means that brands must develop content strategies that provide quick answers. Experts from Albuquerque SEO companies suggest focusing on longtail keywords for content optimization. Jumping on the voice-search bandwagon will help your website content receive more page views.

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