What is the Latest in Gaming Technology?

What is the Latest in Gaming Technology?

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Technology is changing faster than most of us can keep up with. This is especially true in online gaming and the rigs that gamers build. “As soon as you buy a part for your computer, it becomes inferior” was a common saying amongst gamers.

Sometimes we upgrade because we need to and sometimes because we want to. We are going to discuss some of the latest technologies in the world of online gaming and you might see something you like. Once you have read this, then check out www.ngagegaming.com.

Latest Gaming Tech

Some technologies are still in developmental stage, where others are ready to be bought. 2018 boasts various new technologies that aim to improve the gaming experience.

  • Intel RealSense

This technology is available for purchase but is only starting to find its feet in online gaming. Intel has put together a product that uses a camera to analyze the gamer and can respond according to certain bodily gestures.

It opens up endless possibilities in gaming and can already allow gamers to create in-game avatars based on their own faces. There are also mentions of games being able to analyze facial responses and adapt the game difficulty accordingly.

This technology allows us to better interact with our computers and could see major improvements over the next few years.

  • Nvidia BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display)

Nvidia has released their new gaming display, with prices still TBD at the time of this article. BFGD allows gamers to use much larger screen sizes than usual.

Traditionally, screen sizes have been limited by the graphics technology and meant that games wouldn’t run smoothly on TV-sized screens. Nvidia hopes to change all that with their latest addition.

Increased and stabilized frame rates, high-resolution guarantee, and true HDR support, the BFGD will open up gamers to a whole new era of ‘big screen’ gaming.

  • Corsair Wireless Charging Mousepad

More of a novelty item than the other items on this list, Corsairs new range of wireless products includes a wireless charging mousepad.

The mousepad itself must be plugged in but means you will never have to worry about your wireless mouse going flat mid game. As long as your mouse is resting on its pad, it is charging.

Corsair has combined the latest cell phone charging technology with wireless gaming equipment to create an innovative device.

  • HTC Vive Pro

A new addition to their Virtual Reality systems, HTC announced the impending release of the Pro version of their HTC Vive.

VR is a technology that has grown in popularity since its inception but has been subject to criticism recently. Instead of shying away, HTC is aiming to blow away the competition.

Improved graphics, a more comfortable/spacious design, and an improved audio experience, there is little that the Vive Pro doesn’t modify.

  • Digital Storm Spark Gaming PC

Digital Storm has announced the release of their newest project, the Spark Gaming PC. It is expected to be released later during 2018 and is one of the smallest gaming desktops available.

Offering high-quality Nvidia graphics, Intel processors, and liquid cooling, the Spark Gaming PC is definitely worthy of any hardcore gamer. The convenient size makes it useful for those who travel and compete.

Another highlight is that Digital Storm has promised to make all parts fully upgradeable, meaning you will be able to upgrade your rig along with the latest technological advancements.

There are some interesting technologies on the cards for 2018 and gamers should be excited about all the potential changes to come. Be careful about getting too excited and spending money that you shouldn’t, because we all know how tempting the latest techs can be.

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