The Ins and Outs of Web Hosting

The Ins and Outs of Web Hosting

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Are you planning to set up an organization? Then you definitely need to advertise and provide services over the internet. Designing and launching a website might be difficult while you move toward online business, but hosting is equally important to grow your business. Only when you host your webpage, you can start proving service or do business online.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the service through which an individual or an organization can post their website on the internet. Only after hosting is done for your website, is it accessible to all internet users.

A web hosting service provider is a business organization that provides necessary tech support and services needed for hosting a website. These web hosts take care of the entire hosting procedure, and uploads your website on the internet server.

Types of web hosting

You can host your website through various types of web hosting services. It’s very important for you to understand the different types of hosting services before you sign-up for a hosting service. These services can be classified based on your business needs, the type of server used, user’s budget, and more.

The various hosting options available for the user are:

  • Free Hosting

If you’re looking to build a website for entertainment, then free hosting is a good choice. Here the connection speed slows down often and your website will be filled with advertising banners. In free hosting your website can be frequently down because of the excessive load in the server. Some web host providers will require you to own a domain name for hosting your website for free, while others will offer you a free subdomain for hosting.

  • Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a type of hosting service where you need to share the server with another user. This includes both the software aspects of the server and the physical server itself. Shared hosting services are cheaper compared to other hosting services since you share the entire hosting cost with another user. These services are affordable to the users, but they might slow down when there’s more traffic.

  • Dedicated Hosting

In a dedicated web hosting service, you own the entire server for hosting your webpage. Here, the website can be accessed faster because the server’s entire resource is used only by you. However, this means you need to pay the entire cost for tech support and hosting your website on the server. If your website requires high levels of security and maximum resource, you can go for dedicated hosting.

  • Collocated Hosting

Here, you can buy your very own server and host it using any web host service provider. The entire server will be under your control, and you can install any applications or make changes in the scripts of the server itself. Big organizations and established websites use this hosting service.

Now that you know about the various hosting services, you can choose one for your website depending on your usage. If you’re a beginner, it’s advised that you start with free hosting. Have a good time hosting!