Steps to keep in mind for Creating a Custom App

Steps to keep in mind for Creating a Custom App

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Are you thinking about building QuickSeries custom apps for your small business?  

It’s actually a smart investment in your time and your money; but only, of course, if you know what you are doing.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Here are some steps to follow for developing your own small mobile application.

STEP 1:  Establish Your Objective

Basically, set some goals. Always start with the ultimate goal and then work backwards to milestones and progress markers.  The more simply you can describe the things you want, the easier it will be to define the path to achieving them.  

STEP 2:  Conduct Proper Research

Humans have a self-serving bias. We tend to only look for the information that confirms what we believe or want.  When researching your app, however, you need to look at many variables; and not all of them are going to be pleasant or affirming. However, they are all going necessary for understanding what it is you are trying to do and how you are going to get there. Also, this helps you to understand what its going to take to set yourself apart from your competitors.3

STEP 3: Assess Your Value Proposition

In layman’s terms, this is basically part of your research that established what your value would be to the market.  This is not necessarily important at first but crucial if you plan to go public.

STEP 4: Select the Right Business Model

If you want to make money you have to choose the right business model that focuses on the best way your app makes money. Data currently shows roughly 90 percent of app revenue comes from in-app purchases, though some prefer to just let ads do all the work.

STEP 5:  Set a Budget

Now that you know what you want and how you want to get there you need to figure out how much that is going to cost.  This will help you figure out the actual path you will take based on how much money you have and how you are able to spend it.

STEP 6: Assemble Your Team

Find people that can fill positions you cannot do yourself.

STEP 7:  Marketing

This can be the most expensive aspect of running any business. If it is effective, though, it can be the fastest way to success.

STEP 8:  Maintain your App

Technology is a living breathing entity so you have to evolve along with it.