Some Best WordPress Hostings

Some Best WordPress Hostings

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) that has used millions of users from various backgrounds, from beginner blogger, expert blogger, webmaster, to e-commerce website developer. WordPress offers a number of conveniences to its users so it is not surprising that this one CMS is still the primary CMS to date. Although many emerging similar CMS, but most of the managers of self-hosting and webmaster based blogs are more inclined to CMS WordPress.

 WordPress has a number of advantages over other similar CMS, ranging features, user interface, SEO, and so forth. In addition, WordPress is also completely free and has been supported by many plugins that quite help users to develop their website to be such a way. For those of you who plan to create a self-hosting WordPress blog, you can read the article How to create a WordPress blog with your own hosting (self-hosting).

Talking about creating a blog on, you need a web hosting service considering free hosting is only available on the platform. You must provide your own web hosting to start the blog creation step. In addition, you also need a new domain name to be able to install WordPress on your hosting.

Choosing a web hosting is one of the most priority parts related to building a website or self-hosting blog. Hosting not only as a storage medium, hosting will determine the rate of loading the blog, the security of blog data, stability, and a number of other related things. Choosing quality web hosting is one of the most important points before you go any further. Along with the rapidly growing web-based information technology, many emerging web hosting provider in Indonesia to answer the needs of managers of blogs and website developers with various types, ranging from personal websites, website forums, news portal websites, and so forth. And for those of you who intend to create a weblog based CMS WordPress and have not found the web hosting provider as you need, here are 3 lists of the best WordPress hostingthat you can make a choice.

  • Hostgator
  • Go Daddy
  • BlueHost

Inexpensive hosting of true quality is not easy to find on web hosting provider in Indonesia and provider from overseas considering the operational cost to provide quality web hosting service also high enough. However, that does not mean all providers provide high prices for all web hosting packages that they offer. Along with the number of web hosting providers, not a few of them are slashing the rental price of the official price tag for the sake of increasing sales. This is a fairly logical condition considering that with more competitors, each provider must have the best strategy to be able to give to consumers, and one of them is by providing an attractive price offer to prospective new customers. One of the questions that most web hosting users have is the speed at which speed is one of the most important modalities to improve search engine rankings and provide a sense of convenience to the visitor. Depending on the type of service you use and the provider can be chosen.


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