ProGo scooter – feel the power of propane!

ProGo scooter – feel the power of propane!

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Lots of young men dream about owning a vehicle, however, not many can afford a supercar or a cool looking bike that could impress the pedestrians by the engine roar. A bicycle might, surely, come as a suitable option yet, riding it requires quite a lot of efforts, especially when you need to cover a large distance. In that sort of situation propane powered scooter appears to be a worthy alternative to all the above-mentioned means of transport. Naturally, one doesn’t need to be a movie star to obtain this compact and convenient device. Also, you won’t ever find yourself sweating like hell after taking some intensive half an hour ride.

Major technical characteristics

To start with, ProGo 3000 is a small and lightweight vehicle, having 35 lbs of dry weight (approx. 16 kilos) and coming with the foldable handlebar. Its tiny dimensions allow the product to be totally portable and easy to store. By term portable we mean you can fold it and carry as a bag with no much problem. It, of course, grants owner with additional convenience, for there’s no need to be concerned about the lack of parking place or worry about your transport being jacked.

Eventually, the detailed review on contains some more profound information to answer all your questions regarding the scooter’s technical specs. As to its major characteristics, the vehicle has acquired a four-stroke propane powered engine, offering an easy pull start function. This 25 cc metal heart develops the maximum speed of 20 mph and is totally ecologically clean. The EPA and CARB approvals serve as an evidence of the given statement. A 16 oz fuel canister provides the driver with 2-3 hours of riding time (depending on the owner’s weight and road conditions) and is specially designed to be quickly refilled/replaced. In addition, front and rear disc brakes attached to the 8” wheels guarantee you a momentary response to all the non-standard road situations. Thus, bringing the scooter to a full stop in case of emergency is a matter of just a couple of seconds.

Comparing the thing to the gas-powered analogues

Now as to its advantages over the gas-powered machines. First things first, the product doesn’t pollute the environment as it produces practically no emissions at all. The chemical properties of propane allow it to be burnt completely, leaving no toxic wastes. It is mainly achieved due to a low concentration of carbon in such a substance as propane. In addition, its boiling temperature is nearly 2 times lower than that of gasoline, which also contributes to a higher efficiency of this type of fuel.

In order to continue the list of advantages, one needs to say the environment is not the only sphere getting a beneficial effect from the scooter’s work. The engine mechanisms wear out much slower owing to a lower amount of deposits acquired from fuel combustion process. In terms of day-to-day use, it means less clogging, less carburetor gum up, less starting troubles. Should we remind this saves plenty of your time and money in a long run? Assuming, the answer is already known.

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