Perfect place for selling cars online hassle free

Perfect place for selling cars online hassle free

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Are you thinking of buying a new car but the only reason that is stopping you is the pain of selling the old one?

Then the perfect solution for you is This is an online website which deals with the sale and purchase of used cars in Bangalore.

Sometimes you don’t want to go to the local market where many dealers put you through undue formalities and waste a lot of your time which is of essence in a city like Bangalore. In metropolitan cities, nobody has that extra time to deal with the local dealers so online sale and purchase remains the best option

Why trust Truebil?

Truebil is networking in Bangalore and they provide quality assurance to the buyer as well as free used Hyundai Verna car valuation Bangalore sitting at your home. You no more need to worry about travelling kilometers to get valuation for your car. People at Truebil will evaluate your car, take the details and present it on their website in the right category.

Selling made easy

It is a nice experience for both the seller and the buyer because they provide the cars at lesser market price for the buyer and take lesser commission from the seller. You can trust the site completely and there give the option of either selling to the company or selling directly to the buyer. The site assures you 100% genuine buyers. A total transparency is maintained and you get to see buyer contacts, update the price and also to negotiate and choose the best offer that suits you. Also if you are a buyer then you get chance of test driving multiple cars. You even have the offer of paying in monthly installments along with the perks of enjoying free one year service warranty.

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