LongBed-rest or Jump out of Bed Soon

LongBed-rest or Jump out of Bed Soon

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If I say that just a firm stroke can heal your long-settled pain in just a few seconds, would you believe that? Have you ever tried something out of the box to treat your severe pain and muscle tension? Or have you always relied on the conventional techniques of treatment? Let me make it easy for you. Ever gone for a quick massage to heal a broken tissue or to release a muscle tension? Well, this is something that needs to be considered now apart from the routine methods of treating even an incurable pain.

When we are confronted with an injury, we normally rely on the traditional ways of treating it and the pain caused due to it. However, unconsciously we run the risk of major health issues which are sure to come at the later stages of our lives. Excessive medication and non-required surgery can lead us to that phase which makes us feel really helpless sometimes. So here comes into the picture, the unknown power of the various under-used massaging techniques.

Under these methods of treatment, usually, the softtissues of the affected area of the body are targeted. By the use of comforting and firmer strokes clubbed together with the pressure of fingers, thumbs, and palms, the professional can help release the tension caused in the tissues or ligaments of the injured muscles and thus, can help reduce the pain within a few moments. Though, it must be made sure that the professional is trained enough (2 years recommended) to perform these tasks, it may otherwise cause permanent damage to the concerned body part.

Use of Massaging Methods

Coming out of an injury or a chronic and a long-settled pain doesn’t necessarily follow a long recovery time. No one wants a never-ending bed-rest even after getting treated for a severe pain. Normally, this is what happens when we turn towards the established and the most followed ways of getting the treatment done with the use of modern science, thus ignoring the unused but the most efficient practices of tissue massaging.

Considering the unbearable feeling of a never-ending ailment, it is best to try out something new and unexplored. When a soft-tissue of an affected muscle of the body is targeted with the use of certain expert tools, the chances of curing such an ailment or restricted movement of the muscle shoot up to an unbelievable extent. For this purpose, tools like active release technique and deep tissue or clinical massage can prove to be really of a great help.

How does it work?

Unlike the unnecessary prescription issued to cure a tension in the muscle, the using of active release technique and pressure and strokes of the deep tissue massage upon the affected tissue helps a great deal. Once it is established which tissue or ligament is suffering the restriction, along with the nature of the injury, the treatment is started which consists of using the specific motions of the body to make layers of the tissue slide over one another. It provides the tissue the required lubrication which in turn releases the tension of the muscle and gives it a free movement without taking a long time to recover from it completely.

However, these techniques are not to be used in every case. It all depends on the type of injury or the pain suffered. Moreover, these modes of treatment can be quite painful depending on the injury type; however, it is worth taking a chance to go for such ways of providing a quick remedy to the problem.

Expected Benefits

These pain-relieving therapies can help to:

  • Provide a deep relaxation to the affected muscle of the body
  • Remove the waste products, increase the flow of blood and oxygen into the body
  • Break down the scar tissue and “knots or trigger points” located deep inside the muscle belly

The Future

As the people are now gradually becoming aware of the miraculous powers of the different therapies, such as active release technique and other methods of the similar kind, the future of these modes of treating even the most chronic ailment is not far-fetched. The growing use of such techniques as a cure is a proof in itself of its demand. So, if anyone of you is also going through such a painful experience and have got tired of all the possible treatments, then please don’t wait. You have already suffered a lot. Now when you know about the magical healing power of the various massaging tools, don’t continue to be so hard on yourself.

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Joseph Lodge redefines sport massaging therapy beyond the traditional methods of treatment. He recommends active release technique which involves a combination of effective massage procedures that push pain to the oblivion.

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