Logitech Pop Home switch- One button for all

Logitech Pop Home switch- One button for all

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Logitech has recently launched its brand new product which is named as Logitech Pop Home Switch. This single button switch enables you to control maximum of the appliances such as smart lighting bulbs, music appliances, smart locks, night lights, TV, and many other appliances which have Bluetooth connectivity. This gadget works on Bluetooth technology and uses this technology to control or switch the appliances. This single button controls various appliances; you can switch from one appliance to another by double pressing it, or long press it. You can switch on and off the lights of single room as well as the lights in all the rooms. You can mount this single switch anywhere in the entire house, the best location for mounting this switch would be the main exit door of the house. You can either mount it or carry it in your pocket.

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  • It is very comfortable to hold this gadget in your palm and control your home.
  • This gadget is wireless and covers a large area in your house via Bluetooth technology.
  • It provides three types of controls: Single press, double press and long press will perform different actions.
  • The switch works on its own replaceable battery which can last up to five years.
  • This switch is compatible with many devices.