Latest LVS Technology

Latest LVS Technology

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Load scanners have become a cost-effective way to reduce errors when monitoring and optimizing truckloads in a number of industry sectors.

LVS (Load Volume Scanners) provide a wide variety of configurations as well as measurements using high-end technology via an application. The best part about this type of software is that it can be configured to suit the business needs of any company in any industry sector that use trucks and heavy loads in their day to day activities.

Systems can be fixed permanently onsite or configured for portable use so companies can move the LVS system from site to site.

Cost reductions are the main benefit of LVS making this state-of-the-art technology. Manually judging loads creates human error, an increase in fuel consumption, more journeys, and sometimes misjudged loads can cost money and cause delays. This is where LVS comes in. Knowledge is power, and with LVS knowledge is provided.

For example, some loads retain their moisture, they can compress when being loaded, and some can settle while being shipped from A to B. In essence, every time a new load is placed on a truck, it will have different characteristics. LVS systems are a way to measure materials being loaded.

By using pre-set measurement parameters an LVS system will be able to accurately provide businesses with a true volume figure. This means bucket counts and weight measurements, which are often quite unreliable techniques to measure truckloads, can be eliminated and instead true volume can be used providing businesses with pinpoint accuracy.

Businesses that use Loadscan systems have been able to reduce problems caused by moisture affecting the loads before, during and after transit. Supply chains thus become much more reliable. When delivering materials to customers, the true volume is achieved keeping customers happy and at the same time helping businesses that use LoadScan technology gain a positive brand image.

Companies can quickly build a reputation for reliability and integrity simply because they have invested in Loadscan technology. At the same time, oversupply will be eliminated. Oversupplying to compensate for possible moisture loss is a common problem, and this can negatively affect a business’s bottom line, but companies using LVS systems have quickly realized that their investment in LoadScan systems will quickly pay for itself.

3D imaging, real-time data tracking, and a complete overview of all material movements all on a single system all come with very low maintenance costs and high reduction in expenses due to poor supply chain management.

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