How to Sync Up OPPO Android with a Mac Computer

How to Sync Up OPPO Android with a Mac Computer

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There have been many upcoming android running phones such as OPPO. It’s one of the smartphones that hit the market with a boom and a good android phone. The issue about being able to synchronize two different operating systems is not new, especially in regard to having an android phone and mac computer. Most people are clearly not willing to abandon their android phones to iPhones which uses mac technology so they look for alternatives to sync up the two operating systems.


If you’re looking for something versatile syncmate, an app to sync OPPO phones with Mac.  This app allows you to easily synchronize your data between these two operating systems. The best part is that it’s not a transfer process but actual synchronization. It will not only keep you updated with your personal data such as your calendar, contacts, files and web browser bookmarks but also enable you to mount the oppo to a mac disk. This will enable you to use SMS messages on your mac keyboard and work with your call history.

Droid NAS

This app helps you share your folders over a network between your smartphone and computer. You’ll be able to work with your sd card, camera, downloads, photos and music. The only problem is that you can’t synchronize android OPPO with Mac directly.

Dukto r6

This is a fast and quick way to transfer data from your smartphone to computer. It doesn’t sync up data but can be supported by different operating systems allowing you to transfer data.

Android files transfer

This is a native Google utility app developed to enable file transfer between an android phone and mac computer. The problem is that it hasn’t been updated in quite a long time and with the many updates with the android software it may be a challenge to support the latest version.