How to Speed up Your Personal Blog?

How to Speed up Your Personal Blog?

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If writing is your favorite hobby, you might own a personal blog to share your ideas and thoughts among online audience. You may also use your blog to earn some money: for instance, you can advertise some goods or services by posting information about them on the net. All in all, there are quite a lot of reasons why people write and read blogs.

However, being a good expert in writing isn’t enough to create a really popular blog: your potential online readers may really like your articles and posts, but a slow speed of the site where your blog is located can drive them mad. In addition, none may find your blog while searching information on the net unless Google or Bing includes your site in its search list, so once you’ve decided to make your own blog, try your hardest to write a unique and caching and content, and don’t forget about your web performance (WP).

Today, we’re going to share several simple tips on how to boost up your personal blog.


Tip 1: Use Photos of a Proper Size

Adding a great number of photos to your personal blog can make your content easier to understand, and there is a big chance that your online readers may like it. However, using too many photos of a big size can drastically slow down your site.

If you’re willing to make your site more caching with the help of photos, you don’t need to use images of a full size: you can use photos big enough for your template (in case, you’re using a CMS to create your blog), but not really huge.

Using special plugins to compress and resize your photos automatically can save your time and free you from unnecessary and tedious work.

Tip 2: Apply for Caching

Speeding up a website can be also done through caching. For instance, you may use a special plugin to make a static version of each web page to eliminate the number of server calls and database hits. When you use a plugin, you usually create a cached file after the first visit to the page. It differs a little bit from a browser cache as it can be cleared by the reader when it is located on your web server.

Tip 3: Use a CDN

Writers or journalists who own their personal blogs can always speed up their websites by using a CDN for blog. Applying for this service can really help you speed up your site: you get an opportunity to place your web content on servers scattered around the world and transfer it to your target audience from the server located close enough to their place of residence at a high speed.

These are three simple tips on how to speed up your personal blog. We hope that our post will help improve the WP of your personal blog site.


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