How to Record Flash Videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

How to Record Flash Videos with Movavi Screen Capture Studio

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There are a lot of times when you come across some flash videos that you are interested but find yourself unable to watch it due to a busy schedule. You don’t have to fret if you can’t find any download button at the video sharing site. One way to download flash video is to use a flash video download browser plugin.

The problem is that not all flash videos can be detected by the browser plugin. Sometimes, the plugin crash and causes your browser to get hanged. The plugin also may not be working properly and the download button did not appear so you can’t download the video. Therefore, the best way to record flash video online is to use a screen recorder software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio.


With Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you will be able to save the flash video in full length on your computer. The flash video downloader records anything on the computer screen so you don’t have to be bothered with the same issues as you have faced with the flash video download plugin. To use a screen recorder to record the flash video, you must make sure the video player is inside the recording frame.

The recording frame can be adjusted up to full screen. You can increase or reduce the size of the frame as you want. Before you adjust the frame, make sure you click the red focus button first. You don’t have to know the exact size of the video player. You just have to click the video player once and the recording frame will automatically be shifted over to the video player with the outline exactly matching the border of the video player.

If the video player is in full screen, you can drag the side of the recording frame until a yellow border appears in the entire screen. The easiest way to adjust the recording frame to full screen is to drag it to the top or to the edge of the screen. You can also choose a standard video dimension from the Select Capture Area drop down menu. Once you have determined which area of the screen to record, you can set up the audio recording feature.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is able to record audio from external speakers and microphone. System Audio refers to the any sound that your external speaker is playing such as the music playing in a movie. Movavi Screen Capture Studio supports audio recording on computers that run on all versions of Windows operating systems. To start recording, you can press the Record button or use the F10 keyboard shortcut.

The stop recording keyboard hotkey is also F10. The recording countdown timer will appear and start counting down from 5 to 0 seconds before it starts recording. After you finish recording the flash video, you can open the video editor to preview it and see if it is necessary to make any edit. You can customize the path of the destination folder where the recorded flash video will be saved.