How To Make Your Mac Childproof

How To Make Your Mac Childproof

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Computers can be educational and fun for children, but it’s important to make sure your kids are using computers safely and appropriately. Here are some tips for setting up your Mac to give you peace of mind during your kids’ computer time.


Account Set Up


The first step is to set up a separate user account for your child. This will allow you to set specific restrictions for that account so you won’t have to change your settings each time your child uses it. You can set up a restricted account by opening System Preferences, clicking on Parental Controls, and clicking the Add icon.


Website Access


Controls for limiting web access are also found under Parental Controls, and there are three methods to choose from. You can set no limits, limits on adult websites (as determined by Apple’s database), or limits on everything except the sites you designate.


Applications Access


You can also restrict your child’s access to certain applications on your Mac. Under Parental Controls, select your child’s account and select the Apps tab. Check the Limit Applications box, then use the list that appears to choose which apps will be accessible to your child. You can also restrict which apps your child can download under the Stores tab.


Time Limits


To set limits on the amount of time your child can spend using your Mac, navigate to the Time tab under Parental Controls. Here you can set cumulative time limits, such as three hours per day, or you can limit use to certain times of day.

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