How iPhone 7 Is Changing the Way People Used to Think about Smartphones in the Past

How iPhone 7 Is Changing the Way People Used to Think about Smartphones in the Past

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iPhone 7 Is Changing ,,

If the 19th century is looked upon as a whole, the invention of mobile phones comes out as probably the biggest event that changed the world forever. It not only eradicated the physical boundaries but also made everyone’s life 100 times easy and hassle-free. Right after the first mobile phone that came out, countless changes have been made, but the one change that left millions of people in awe came in the form of iPhone. Around a decade back, when the iPhone was launched, there were many other smartphones in the market, but it outperformed all of them and became the highest selling smartphone in the world. Recently Apple launched the latest iPhone variant – iPhone 7. Here is how the iPhone 7 is changing the way people used to think about smartphones in the past-

Huge Space

A decent MacBook comes with 128GB space, and millions of people believe that it’s an ideal space for all those who use MacBook for non-technical stuff. However, the iPhone 7 came up with a maximum space of 256GB, double of what you get in a MacBook. It simply means that saving hundreds of memories, tens of thousands of HD images, songs and text files in your iPhone 7 is not a big deal. The best part about this addition is that even after you save all the above-mentioned stuff in your smartphone, its speed won’t get affected at all. It will continue to work as fast as it was working earlier. Interesting, isn’t it?

iPhone 7 Is Changing .

Super Fast Charging

The moment you plug in iPhone 7 charger in the phone, you’ll realize how fast it is. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes time to charge your phone enough to last a full day. There are many smartphones that claim to provide super fast charging, but hardly any of them can beat iPhone 7 in this field. You can charge your phone once and then head to a long journey without worrying about the charge at all. Give it a shot, and you’ll know the difference.


Gone are those days when you needed a digital camera to capture special moments beautifully. Now you can simply use your iPhone’s 12 MP camera and click amazing photos. Moreover, the front camera is no less effective at all. So, great selfies are irresistible, no matter if you’re in broad day light or dark. Although the previous variants of iPhone also had great cameras and clicked beautiful photos, the quality of image capturing has touched all new heights in the iPhone 7. There is hardly any smartphone in the market that can click better snaps that iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Is Changing

Apart from memory, charging and camera, there are many other features of iPhone 7 that will leave anyone on this planet speechless. If you’re one of those who like to use luxury on a daily basis, then you can’t find a better product than iPhone in the market. Give it a shot and feel the difference.