HFE Signs Banner Printing: How to raise awareness of your local business today!

HFE Signs Banner Printing: How to raise awareness of your local business today!

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No one can possibly know when the first banner was produced. From fairs and fetes to political activism to business advertisements, this tried and tested method of promotion has endured throughout the centuries and still goes strong, easily surviving the advent of the internet.

The benefit of advertising using banners, and the reason that they have stood the test of time so successfully, is that they capture the attention of incidental foot traffic – members of the public who just happen to be passing. This ensures the interest of a much wider demographic, as opposed to internet advertising which relies either on relevant websites agreeing to feature electronic banners, or tracking individuals’ social media activity. This latter approach may work on people who regularly use similar products or services to the ones advertised, but is less effective for one-offs.

Banner advertising works exceptionally well for local businesses, enterprises and initiatives hoping to capture and retain a local consumer-base. Using public space to raise awareness of your brand can serve to save customers and clients going further afield, and to remind them that your business is right here, on their doorstep, ready for their custom.

Banners – as opposed to posters – are usually large in size, and, complete with an attractive and eye-catching design, easily instil curiosity and interest in the subject advertised. The full effect of a banner can be easily achieved by choosing a prominent area in which to display it, ensuring that it is hung correctly to prevent any elements of the design being obscured and to give a strong impression of professionalism, and adorning it with a message that is easily legible and simple – one that offers all the information necessary for prospective clients to perfectly understand your business, service or event (including your company name, presented clearly!) and provides a succinct call-to-action to ensure that they know what to do next should they wish to reach you.

At HFE Signs, we have a dedicated and highly trained team on hand to provide advice and to create bespoke designs tailored to every company’s individual needs. Our basic design and proof email service is absolutely free. Of course, we can also accept and print the designs that you provide. A wide range of options are available to choose from, including PVC, mesh and rip-stop styles, meaning that clients are able to discern the exact look and style of the material on which their message will be displayed. We offer full colour printing, or, for 30% less, a mono option is available too. For those who need a banner immediately, we offer same-day banner printing and dispatch on weekdays if the order is placed before 11am.Nation-wide delivery is available, and, when you order 2 banners of any size, it’s completely free!

Printed on strong and durable materials using UV stable inks, HFE banners are made to last. With over 20 years of experience in creating signs and banners, we know how to minimize wear-and-tear so that your message can be displayed for as long a period as possible.

For more information about our banner printing service, visit our website or call 01283 576017 today.

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