Google’s plan for the Google Pixel 2 to have a flexible display

Google’s plan for the Google Pixel 2 to have a flexible display

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$ 880 million, or more than 830 million euros or 16,500 million Mexican pesos, is what Google could spend to ensure that its new smartphones, Google Pixel 2, have flexible display.

So we have been told from few of our resources, who have echoed the news that has emerged in recent hours in Korean media: Google would have offered LG make that big investment in its screen division, in exchange for the South Korean company is able to produce as many OLED screens as Google needs. An amount that could even grow, if necessary.

Knowing that this seems to be the year of the OLED displays in the high range, Mountain View have no desire to fall behind the competition, especially Apple. It seems that the company of the apple will also bet on these types of screens in their new iPhone, although according to the latest news, your “partner” will be another.

None other than Samsung, who had already ordered 70 million OLED panels. So question arises here, which company will be helpful in production of Google Pixel 2?

The Google Pixel 2017 will continue to be premium

This clarifies Google’s plan with Pixel, which seems to follow an annual launch cycle, as do most mobile phones. It was never a unique experiment and therefore expected a Google Pixel 2 for some time this year, possibly around the months of October or November.

This also brings us to the point that the Pixel will remain “premium”. Osterloh has dismissed all those rumors that suggested that there would be a low-priced pixel for “emerging markets.” He reiterated that the Pixel brand will continue to be “premium” and according to those present, “clung to his previous response” after being insisted with the question.

While Google will not be ready to make its own processors to power its smartphones, the company is looking for the best chips for Pixel 2. We will have to wait some time before we learn of one of the manufacturers.

However, while Pixel remains premium, we cannot rule out the possibility that Google is working on a low-priced mobile phone. According to the latest information, it is still very likely that Google will bring to the market smartphones aimed at emerging markets. And why not, we’re talking about a giant who spearheaded the Android One initiative to bring the pure Android experience with faster security updates to emerging markets.

With Apple’s revenue skyrocketing, Google needs to push its fight against that other industry monster through Pixel. Regarding the technical characteristics of the device- Google Pixel 2, the truth is that we know nothing at the moment, but it seems clear that you will get the latest Qualcomm chipset.

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