Getting Domains At Affordable Prices

Getting Domains At Affordable Prices

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A domain name is necessary for the functioning of a website or a web based resource. No website or web based service can function online without having a registered domain name.

Domain names help us in identifying a site and also in connecting with the same. Sometimes domain names become synonymous with the brand that owns them, as in the case with some of the global online retailers like Amazon, Staples, Alibaba and Walmart Online etc.

How to get a domain name? 

In order to get a domain name, first of all we need to get it registered with ICANN [which is an independent organization] through a company that specializes in domain name registrations like GoDaddy, 1&1 Internet, Dotster etc. These companies are also called domain name registrars. They charge annual fees for the domain name that you want and allot the same domain name to you for a year. One has to renew the registration every year.

Prominent domain name registrars –

Some prominent domain name registrars are, Namecheap,1&1 Internet and Dotster. They offer domain names at competitive prices and some of their packages offer exceptional value for the money. You can go through their websites; they have a detailed list of all the deals here.

Promotional offers and discount coupons –

Most of the domain registrar companies offer coupons so that buyers can avail discounts and promotional schemes on their respective websites. The discount coupons could be redeemed while making payments, after purchasing a domain name or web service product.

Many of the domain registrar companies [like GoDaddy] release a comprehensive list of discount coupons every month to their customers. Companies keep changing their promotional schemes and offers from time to time. These offers and different discounts offered by domain registrars make their services economically lucrative and cost effective to the consumers.

Competitive pricing also helps in attracting newer customers who in turn bring more revenues.


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