Get a Free License to Test Run MLtek’s Archiving Manager

Get a Free License to Test Run MLtek’s Archiving Manager

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Archiving software is only a generic term used for software that is developed to prepare and (in some cases) move files and information to long term storage. This information can be:

  • Emails
  • Documents

These files can be stored on a wide range of systems include:

  • Network file systems
  • Email servers
  • Databases
  • Websites

MLtek as a company is so sure that there archive program is so much better than anything currently being sold in IT software that they are giving you a free license for a trial version that has all the functions of the program that is currently their best seller. MLtek is proud to show off what the IT software for file archive can do.

No separate versions

There are no special separate versions of MLtek Archive Manager – only the one package which you can download with a free/trial license – just download and install. Once you have decided to purchase this software, you can easily upgrade from your free license by merely entering in your new license number. The Archive Manager Install package is able to be used for installing a new copy, or upgrading an existing one by simply following the instructions.

Fresh install

For a fresh install, first download the Version 3.x (v3.447) install. There are a few requirements, as Archive Manager requires some components:

  • Read the Quick Setup guide before you start installing Archive Manager
  • Essential – SQL Express 2008 R2 or later
  • Essential – .Net Framework 4.0 as well as all Windows update and applied
  • Crystal Reports .Net Runtime if you want to be using the reporting function

Updating Archive Manager it is very simple. Just uninstall the old version and answer “yes” to keeping the database configuration when prompted; then you can install the latest version answering “yes” to use of the database configuration you have already saved when prompted.

Old files taking up space

So if you have computers and systems that have old files that are taking up space but you also believe that other software is too expensive – you can find more information here. MLtek doesn’t want you to buy something that is not what you want so “Try It before You Buy It”. There are download sites on MLtek’s website and other sites online where you can download the free version of this file saving software.

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