Everything That You Need To Know About Magento Design

Everything That You Need To Know About Magento Design

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The traditional shopping experience that was once enjoyed by people has been completely revolutionised by the online eCommerce stores. More buyers are attracted to the ease and convenience of shopping right from the drawing rooms of their house. Therefore, it is necessary to design websites that address and understand the requirements of the buyers. Online websites should be designed in such a way that they can be navigated easily and they should also present information in an amicable manner. This makes it easy for the end users to grab important information without having to go through a lot of hassle.

The Use of the eCommerce Management System

It is here that the need to use eCommerce Management System becomes crucial. The system can be used very easily and is quoted flexible as well as simple. There are different open source eCommerce platforms such as Joomla, WordPress and Magento to name a few. These eCommerce platforms come loaded with several features for providing the needed scalability to businesses. In case you are the owner of an online business and you have this desire of designing an online store, Magento design would be the best option for you. This is because Magento offers the needed flexibility for modifying or altering the different elements of a website making them suitable to the business objectives that you might be pursuing. Magento web design is of good help in designing custom websites using different features.

Interesting Features of Magento eCommerce Design

Some of the most interesting features of Magento design are as follows:

Promotional and Marketing Tools

Marketing tools such as Cross Sells and Upsells offer the functionality for increasing sales by way of improving the rate of lead conversion.

Site Management

The Magento interface allows users to manage Magento websites easily and even management a number of online stores from one admin panel. Users get the flexibility of controlling both the international and localized versions of their websites.

Catalogue Management

Magento design includes customised catalogue management mechanism that comes with a number of options for the display of items. Not only this, users also get the option of importing and exporting their products for offline batch updates.


The Magento website design platform makes use of some of the most important payment gateways along with alternative payment mechanisms from Amazon, Google and PayPal. Customers also get the convenience of paying through money order or cheque.

Order Management

Users can view orders very easily and also keep a record of refunds, shipments and invoicing. In addition to this, customers also get to re-order from their very own individual accounts while admin can have its view of the complete history of the order from the back-end.


Online merchants can easily exhibit carrier rates in real time and even create shipping discounts as one of the important parts of their online marketing advertisement.

Magento is probably one of the most well-known open source platforms for the online merchants. The robust features of this platform attract many entrepreneurs.

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