Engaging Mobile App Users in 5 Ways

Engaging Mobile App Users in 5 Ways

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One of the most common mistakes among app developers is giving more importance to user acquisition than app engagement. What you need to remember is that if you can’t make your current users happy, you cannot convince your audience to download your app. Don’t forget that especially Millennials decide to which app to download according to their friends and families’ suggestions. This is why you should in mobile app engagement for a successful user acquisition strategy. Below you’ll find out 5 effective ways to engage your app users.

  • Using Multi-Channel Messaging Ways

The first thing you should consider is to remind yourself to your users. The best way to do this is integrating multi-channel messaging channels to your app. The most effective channels for this are push notifications and in-app messaging. Researches show that push notifications and in-app messages double retention rates. To get the most out of push notifications and in-app messages, don’t forget to personalize them, to use localization, to find the best content types, and to be timely.

  • Using Deep Linking

Deep linking is an amazing way that sends a link to an app’s specific page. This prevents your users from lose their time. Think that you saw an app ad on Facebook that promises you to show its amazing feature. When you click it, you hope that you will be taken to the related page but the link takes you to app store page or a login page. Deep linking prevents this frustration and send users directly to the related page.

  • Adding Social Sharing to the App

People love to share things, especially about themselves. If you want to engage your users and let your app go viral, it is a very effective technique to adding social sharing to your app. The first thing you should remember is that if you want to make people share something inside your app, you need to give something valuable to share. They won’t share your app for no reason. You should also make the process as easy as possible if you want your audience to use it. You can also encourage users to use social sharing by giving them meaningful rewards like free coins.

  • Giving Rewards

Researches show that people love apps that give rewards. If you want your users be loyal to your app, you can use rewards. Especially limited time offers and location based offers are very impressive on people to use it. The trick here is that if you try to fool your users, you’ll lose them forever. This is why give what you promised. You can also use this way to increase your social media fans and followers. Announce your rewards via social media accounts and allocate some budget to promote it.

  • Use Mobile Engagement Ads

Another amazing way to engage your users is using mobile app ads. You have several options to prefer for engagement ads. These are Facebook, Twitter, and Google. All of these platforms helps you to reach your current users and remind yourself to them. With Google Adwords, you can both engage iOS and Android app users.

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