Data storage along with even better features

Data storage along with even better features

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In this rapidly changing world where data growth continues to explode and grow, the cost of data storage has also increased. Data management is becoming a difficult task due to the threats emerging from hackers, prying eyes and intruders.

Common modes of data storage:

USB drives:

Portable storage devices that have been in the industry since the past two decades. It has recently faced immense competition from Cloud storage due to the convenience cloud storage offers.

Cloud storage:

An option that lets you store data on the cloud and access them again from any location. The topmost cloud accounts are Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

But the research or does not stop here as there is always room for improvement. Some of the points where the researchers are working are listed below:

Consolidation of functions:

To eliminate extra licensing cost time consuming and complex processes, IT department managers would look for functional consolidation in a single solution. However, storage and backup functions have been converging in the recent time but the expectations are to see security features being integrated into a single solution. This would help users avail greater visibility above a broader ecosystem against having to use multiple tools with manager-of-manager-type approach.

Greater simplicity:

No matter how much we evolve, anything that offers simplicity and convenience would be our number one objective. A device that is full of features but is not user-friendly would not be easy for any user to adapt to. The recent era however explains consumers are gradually getting used to high tech solutions like Google Home’s virtual assistant device, Amazon’s Alexa which are thought to be simple and easy for the average user.

More use of encryption:

Encryption as it stands is considered as the most reliable option of security. The latest version of encryption i.e. AES 256 bit encryption is deemed to be the most solid form of security like no other. The use of encryption programs like folder locking software for data at rest will increase quickly as soon, majority of the people would identify the true benefit of encryption.

Improved data management:

Companies are always in need of finding ways on how to manage data more efficiently. They would give anything to find a safe spot to store data and keep an eye on who is accessing it with or without their permission. This would promote appropriate protection and would motivate the users in realizing that there is still hope. But when you collect all of your data into a single spot, you also fall into the threat of losing all of your data in a single blow. For this reason, try using the cloud for storage as well which would ultimately help you to retrieve your data in case if you lose your device.

More reliance on commercial software:

Since information is everything nowadays, whoever has it, is termed to be monitored by the prying eyes. This disadvantage leads to the increase use of external commercial software. In the last decade, commercial software were being hunted and eliminated but soon this process stopped as their importance has rather emerged in the recent times. The category further evolved from the basic password protection to encryption software, shredding software, password protect usb flash drive software and even copy protection software.


The latest developments in the category of data storage are hard to ignore.  If we compare the two options, cloud storage is a much feasible option as compared to USB drives but still there exists room for improvement. The major problem cloud storage faces is the ability to earn the trust of the user that their data is in safe hands even while it is in the hand of the third party. With the improvements that are on its way, the storage devices are expected to be better than ever in no time.

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