Alexa for Android: Amazon’s Personal Assistant is now available for your phone

Alexa for Android: Amazon’s Personal Assistant is now available for your phone

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Many people think of Amazon’s Alexa as a physical cylindrical object to be kept in the home. But, did you know that you can also have Alexa installed on your Android phone? At the end of January 2018, the Alexa app for Android was updated to make it work much more smoothly. Moreover, Alexa is now available for absolutely all phones that have an Android operating system. 

How Alexa can help Android phone users to stay connected

You can use Alexa on your phone to call and message your contacts, and to find out information for you. Whether you are booking a taxi or purchasing a product on Amazon, Alexa will be there to help. The Alexa app also integrates with the other functions on your phone, such as your alarms and your calendar so that she can ensure that you get to all of your appointments on time. Alexa is also designed to remember, and adapt to, your individual patterns of speech and interests so that the more that you use the Alexa app the better she will become at providing you with just the right kind of help, whenever it is required. In the past, Apple’s Siri and Google’s Personal Assistant had really cornered the market when it came to tasks like these. But, with the new updates to the Alexa app, the gap is closing, and Alexa is now a big competitor to these other two personal assistant brands. Needless to say, you can also sync the Alexa app with a physical Alexa home assistant if you have one. And, if you want to switch the app of at any point so that she does not respond to you, you can also do that with a single tap. 

Get the Alexa app for free today

If you have a phone with an Android operating system, you can now rest assured that you can download the Alexa app to it, totally free. Just grab it from Amazon or from any app store. It is quick to download and will appear on your phone’s screen as other apps do – with a small recognisable icon that you can tap to open, activate and modify. If you do not have an Android phone, though, do not despair: Alexa is also available on several non Android devices. One example is the Mate 8 phone that was developed by Huawei: indeed this was one of the first devices not made by Amazon to support the Alexa app.

Enjoy the convenience of a personal assistant in your phone

Whether you use your phone for business or for leisure (for example, contacting friends and family and browsing the web and social media), you will no doubt find that Amazon’s Alexa will make your life go much more smoothly. It is just like having a highly efficient and knowledgeable personal assistant who lives in your phone and who is ready to help you at any time.